Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~ Mix it up ~

Mix it up has always been our Mantra.
It seems that you can accumulate "good stuff" and then you think-
now what?
This lamp is an example of "mixing it up".
Made of a mix of vintage lamp parts and topped with an antique beaded bulb cover for extra sparkle.

Mixing the lamp parts really created a unique and beautiful piece.
Now for sale in our shop.

Well- put your treasures in a group and you have a great look in the end.
How wonderful to be close to the treasures that you love.

Sometimes you have to be brave and throw it out there -
You won't be disappointed.

We hope to see you at the next 2nd Saturdayz event!

A Saturday Market
Kathy & Kris

Sunday, February 5, 2012

~ Whimsical Whites Potpourri ~

Hi friends just checking in and wanted to let you know
that our annual custom made potpourri will be ready in time for Spring.

We dry the flowers and herbs year round for our floral mixes.
All flowers that have vibrant color and are fresh in their prime are layed on rocks or hung around the shop.
(We think they are pretty dead or alive)

Planning the scent for each "batch" is fun.
We layer 2-3 different essences for depth.
Deer moss is used as a fixative along with others.

This year we are especially pleased with our recipes.

This blend is a special Moroccan rose scent.

Sometimes after "parting out" certain flowers, they are too pretty to lay out so we play & make little arrangements with just the petals.
We call them salad arrangements.
Not edible, however beautiful to gaze &smell.

(A little salad arrangement)

 Have a great Valentines day and you can always stop in and bring us some candy!!  :)
~ We hope to see you at the next 2nd Saturdayz Market this weekend ~

Kathy & Kris