Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~ Antique Millinery (good stuff) ~ ~

We are delighted to update you with some of our recent finds from our latest road trip to the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.....

An array of vintage goodness...antique millinery leaf trims and trinkets...
We have alot of vintage trimmings and ribbons....

New old stock millinery leaves from a department store...most likely used for store decor and we love them! 

We adore this dress form...what a great way to display our array of vintage millinery flowers! 
This dress form is turn of the century..still has the original measuring tapes and also is expandable.

Mother of Pearl  crosses...
more "good stuff"!!

From time to time we would like to showcase certain pieces in the shop...

Enjoy your week!

(personal note,  thank you Rachel for helping us so are a good friend!)


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  1. Love your blog! You have such lovely items and displayed so well. I see so much I'd love to own. (and great prices, too!!!) I so wish I lived there, I'd be a permanent fixture!
    New follower,