Sunday, November 20, 2011

~ Christmas at Whimsical Whites ~

Christmas at Whimsical Whites is a joy for all of us,( Kathy,Kris,Simmy & Linda)
The decorations are out and we want to share the Holiday Season with you.

Reminisce as you shop for vintage decorations that you remember at grandma's house.

We also carry the LuRay hankies collection.

This year we realize that "kitchie" is a trend.
We have good kitchie stuff!! :)
Including our bags full of vintage kitchie Christmas decor.

We have a large assortment of the Antique Garden Candles in an array of fragrances.

Our collection of handmade wool stockings are charming.

We have so many beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments to choose from.

Vintage glass garland beads to decorate your tree.

Perfect  vintage yard decor for the Season.

As always gift wrapping is complimentary at Whimsical Whites.
Please come enjoy a cup of tea and relax.
If you are good you can have a piece of cake also..
(Remember Santa is watching!!)  :)

~ We wish you all a peaceful Holiday with family and friends ~

Kathy & Kris

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  1. So pretty! I will be in some time this week!! xo Rachel